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Tax Preparation

Are you paying to much taxes? Are you getting all the deductions you are entitled to? We review your tax, financial documents and prior returns to ensure your returns are prepared accurately. We offer helpful advice to help you to plan for the future. If you are a business owner we go over areas that can help you obtain further growth and profits..



We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping services at prices you can afford. We also offer bookkeepers, controllers and CPA's to assist you in any of your financial needs. We are proficient in quickbooks, excel, myob, and most accounting programs. Unlike most accounting firms we offer bookkeeping services to really help our clients stay on top of their books & know if they are making money and how to improve


Business Tax Returns

We have appointments throughout tax season at our offices conveniently located in Sayville, Long Island. We are here 7 days a week throughout tax season serving our clients as efficiently as possible. No returns are put on extension unless our client wants to be. Our prices are second to none and our services far exceed the costs.



Our bookkeepers perform payroll services for our clients. We

offer our clients direct deposit for their employees, quarterly payroll returns, W-2's, 1099's and weekly paycheck calculations.

We have found several of our business clients struggle to find the time to come to our office every month and get all their information to us. To facilitate this we have developed an easy online bookkeeping service where you simply email, scan, fax

your financial information and we do the rest. 


If you are located far from our office or would like the convenience of having your taxes prepared without having to leave your home it can be done. We can setup zoom meetings or get all your information from email, fax, or even pictures from your phone. 



Its time to get on point with your finances 

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