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Information for Our Clients

Q&A from clients:


What do I need to bring for my tax appointment?

If you are a new client please bring your prior year tax return.

Also any tax related documents received for the current year including W-2's, 1099's , mortgage statements, real estate tax bill, 

stock accounts, dependents ss# and Date of birth, driver license. 


Do I need to make an appointment or can I dropoff my tax documents?

Many of our returning clients prefer to dropoff their tax documents to us for preparation. Many clients also email us their documents.

We encourage our clients to do whatever they are most comfortable with. If you prefer meeting with your CPA that's fine also.

If you prefer to make an appointment we encourage clients to please contact our office.

Business Services 

Does your monthly bookkeeping charge have any hidden fees?

As advertised this is a monthly fee all inclusive package to help our clients throughout

the year rather than just at tax time. We maintain the books each month and 

ensure data is timely to prevent any end of year tax surprises. 

There are no hidden fees.

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